Mediation as a means of alternative dispute resolution has become increasingly important in recent years. Thanks to in-depth training and many years of experience in business and family mediation, we can offer high-quality mediation in these areas.

Mediation is an out-of-court conflict resolution procedure in which a neutral third party, without substantive decision-making power, supports the parties to the conflict to develop legally binding solutions on their own to the satisfaction of all parties. Or, in the language of systemic theory: mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties to the conflict seek to make mutually related decisions based on an understanding of themselves, the other, and their view of reality.

Mediation is characterized by the fact that

  • an all-party (neutral) third party without substantive decision-making power supports the parties to the conflict in a voluntary out-of-court conflict resolution procedure to develop legally binding solutions on their own;
  • it generally allows for faster and cheaper conflict resolution than in comparable judicial proceedings;
  • there is more space for creative solutions than with the traditional conflict resolution procedures;
  • it is less about revisiting the past than about finding constructive solutions for the future;
  • improve and strengthen the possibilities for future cooperation through cooperative conflict resolution;
  • not only the subject of the dispute, but also the future relationship of the parties are at the core of the interest;
  • increase the autonomy of the parties and ensure the sustainability of the solutions found;
  • the parties should familiarize themselves with each other’s interests and have full knowledge of the legal background of the conflict beyond their own respective positions;
  • parties to the conflict do not see themselves as adversaries, but as partners in the search for solutions;
  • it can be used successfully in a wide range of fields (economy, administration and environment, labour conflicts, politics, family).

What prevents you from addressing the conflicts in your professional environment with the help of a professional mediator or a mediation team?

Experienced and well-trained mediators will be happy to advise you on the content, form, duration and expected costs of a mediation procedure. Contact Peter Liatowitsch, Claudia Mordasini, Gabrielle Bodenschatz, Catherine Westenberg or Corina Eichenberger-Walther.

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