Our remuneration is primarily based on the agreement with the client. In general, this is based on the amount of time spent on the case. In certain cases, special agreements are also made, which take into account the specific interests of the client. In accordance with the standards set by the association, we ask for an adequate retainer.

Our hourly fees are in general between CHF 300.- and CHF 400.- per hour. Depending on the case, the fee can be increased or reduced.

For clients with restricted funds, we verify whether they meet the requirements to obtaining free legal aid and assist them in the application process. If it’s approved, the Government shall bear all or part of the legal and judicial costs, depending on the circumstances, subject however to later recovery.

If we are informed of a legal protection insurance being available, we take care of of obtaining a cost-benefit certificate.

Our state-of-the-art service program allows us to provide comprehensive and detailed interim financial statements at all times, as well as providing transparent information on the status of our expenses.

If you have any questions or expectations, please touch on this subject during the first meeting.

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